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This is a selection of questions we are often asked.  Of course if you have a question that isn't answered here, please get in touch.


How can I avoid buying fake autographs?

Unfortunately, autographs are a very easy way for unscrupulous people to make money and there are many autographs offered for sale that are not authentic. In the age of the internet (where it is estimated that 90% of all autographs online are not authentic), it is easy for a seller to remain anonymous. Therefore you should only buy autographs from reputable dealers. Check if the dealer is recognised by the UACC or AFTAL? Do they have contact telephone numbers and addresses. If not, ask yourself why?

Educate yourself about the dealer and then look at the item. What is it signed on? What is it signed with? Compare the autograph against examples of known in-person signatures. More and more celebrities are becoming reluctant to sign autographs and they are often extremely hard to obtain, the price they fetch reflects this. If a dealer is offering many of the same autographs at a low price maybe it is just “too good to be true”.

Are the Watermarks shown on the website images actually on the photographs that I will receive?

No, the watermarks are on the website only, to protect the signed images from being copied by unscrupulous people. There will be no watermark on the pictures that you receive.

What is the difference between a UACC Registered Dealer and a UACC Member?

We are UACC Registered Dealer RD312. UACC Registered Dealers are vetted and monitored by the UACC to assure they are doing business in an honourable manner. To be a UACC Registered Dealer requires submitting references and details of experience as well as providing the UACC with pertinent business information. All UACC Registered Dealers must comply with the UACC Code of Ethics.

UACC Members should not be confused with UACC Registered Dealers. Anyone can become a UACC Member simply by applying and paying their annual fees. We would recommend UACC Membership to any collector or anyone who has an interest in autographs

What do the terms Autopen, Pre Printed and Secretarial actually mean?

The demand for autographs from celebrities is increasing and many use alternative ways of providing “signatures”, to save themselves time.

Autopens are mechanical devices that can sign identical autographs quickly and, on occasion, accurately. They have been around for some time and used by many celebrities in an attempt to satisfy the collector. Generally, autopens are exactly the same autograph following a pattern made which is used as the template for the machine.

Pre printed autographs are “signatures” that form part of the photograph, having been originally signed by the celebrity in question to then be mass produced.

Many celebrities are known for using “secretaries” to sign on their behalf, relieving the burden of signing multiple items themselves.

How can I look after my collection, to keep it in a good condition?

Ensure the autographs are kept in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight, as ultra violet light will cause the ink and the picture to fade. If autographs are to be framed, ensure that your framer uses a conservation method of framing. This includes the use of acid free materials and uv protective glass. Store your collection in folders and files made of non-acidic material. We would recommend the products from

Do you buy autographs?

At Universal Autographs, we only buy autographs from reputable dealers. Unless you are a Registered UACC Dealers or AFTAL Member, we would not be interested in buying any autographs from you, even if your dad is the England kit man or your uncle is Paul McCartney!